Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fun Week..

1. Visit from my family in law (24/10 - 26/10)
2. Mandi Manda di Hutan Lipur Berkelah (27/10)
3. Aquaria KLCC (28/10)
4. Makan2 @ Rumah Kak Leha (28/10)
5. Megakidz Midvalley (29/10)
6. Open House rumah CikNgah (29/10)
7. Senai Airport (01/11)
Why it's fun? Well most of it because we have a very enjoyable trip from Kuantan - KL - Johor.. Abah get a new job here so before he start at the new workplace, he has a week free.. So, I'm taking this opportunity to plan for a very relax vacation.. Along will be excuse from school for a week (I just inform the teacher about it).. On Friday, my family in law from Raub came.. Along and Dania was so happy because there are so many people in the house.. The purpose of the visit was for my sister in law (she's pregnant and due in december) to take baby bed.. as the bed is expensive, we just ask them to borrow ours but of course they need to come and get it.. On the second nite they're here, abah decided to take all of us dinner.. we went to New Horizon Garden (one of our favourite restaurant).. They all went back on Sunday morning..

The place we have our dinner

MakDe and Along

MakDe and Mama

My MIL (emak)

MakSu (yg dh sarat mengandung) and Husband

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