Monday, December 15, 2008

:: Safe Journey Abang ::

My dear husband dh start his journey back to Kuantan..Miss u already lahh.. drive carefully abang, if you feel sleepy, stop and relax but b extra careful kay.. all of us pray that u have a safe journey.. thank you so much for all the trouble and sacrifice.. we all love u dearly...
ps: alamak sentimentallah plak...heheheee, jgn muntah udahlerr...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

:: Hometown ::

Finally after a long and tiring journey back home, we arrive in Pontian at 8am today.. we start our journey from Kuantan since yesterday morning.. about 11.30am we went for a wedding in Jerantut, the groom is my husband x-colleage n merangkap our neighbour also..jiran sebelah jer..
Then, we singgah Raub as there's something need to settle regarding our bibik.. while my husband discuss with the maid, Along and Dania take a bath and I dress them up dgn baju tido jer..bukan apa, just my instinct that we will travel all nite.. my husband is not the type that can drive all nite nonstop..he get's sleepy (including me laa), so whenever he feel sleepy we just stop at R&R and get some sleep...
Hehheee, in the end we arrive in Pontian dh pagi... Have our breakfast first before balik umah..Sampai2, husband continue sleeping and the two kids watch tv while I kemaslah apa yg patut...
Tomorrow morning plak, my dear husband needs to go back to Kuantan coz he's working...Kesian dia, nonstop since he came back from his outstation in Kuching..Ni balik Kuantan sendiri as I need to stay back and pick my parents at Senai Airport on Tuesday..
Actually, I dh propose to drive back to my hometown by myself but he just prefer to send us himself...well, fine my me..I suka jer kalau org nk hantar ni...
After zohor prayer, we went to Giant to buy some groceries.. Then we have our late lunch makan nasi ayam near the old terminal bas (the new terminal not open yet)..sedappp as that gerai has been there since I was a dh ada 2 kids, the gerai still there and also the same owner...
For dinner plak, I just prepare some mushroom soup..Along refer the mushroom as sotong(squid) maybe because of the taste but after explaining, he just said 'ooooo'...hehhehe, what a funny reaction from him...

Friday, December 12, 2008

:: TENSION!! ::

Just look at what happen when I just leave the kids to play in the room.. makk oii!!! hiiii geram sungguh, the when I ask along to kemas all the stuff.. dia kata 'along tak pandai'...ishh, boleh diterima kaa tu??? huwaaa!!! geram ooo.. dania pun dh ikut mcm along, lps main takmo kemas.. kena gertak ngan rotan baru nk gerak.. patut kena marah ke tak ni?

Tengok ajerlah rupa bilik tu yg dh macam dilanda ribut tu.. ni confirm mama dia yg kena kemas then, my mouth pun membebel tak renti... since dh ada 2 kids ni, my mouth dh tak reti nk senyap.. dok pot pet pot pet, kadang geram sangat tangan ni naik gak...


Cehh.. syahdu jer tgk tajuk... Bukan apa, actually my dear hubby gi outstation in Kuching again.. He went there yesterday and will be home tonite.. Since he start his new job ni, I have to accept the fact yg dia perlu outstation selalu.. takpelah, nnt bila kilang dh open (now still under construction) he still have to work shift.. dulu masa awal2 kawen dia keje shift then normal hour.. of course I'm happylah at that time.. this time his nature of work also a shift hour but still I have until end of next year b4 he really have to work shift..
Oklah, tomorrow kami semua akan bertolak balik ke Johor.. As my dear hubby xbleh cuti lelama, I and the kids have to stay in johor for a week b4 he can come and take us back.. The reason for me to stay there because, my parents coming back from haj on 16th.. So, I myself will go to the airport and pick them up.. Kalau tak anak sambut diorang, sapa lagi kannn :D...
Tonite hubby akan balik but don't know at what time as he only arrive in KLIA from Kuching dh petang... kalau refer pada last time he went there, lewat mlm gak dia sampai rumah... well, we just wait and hope he will have a safe journey..

Thursday, December 11, 2008


As I promiss U all.. This time I post a pictur of me wearing my new handmade pashmina/shawl..the red color is the first attempt to sew.. my darling hubby said that it was not balance (it's ok as he is the best critics person for me).. the brown color is my second attempt in sewing pashmina.. hubby said it's beautiful (as I was trying it that time)..hehheee, masuk bakul angkat sendirilah plak.. well, dh terlanjur he said that, I wear that pashmina when we went for dinner that nite :D (kemaruk punya pasal..hahahhaaa)

ps : abaikan jealah tudung yg tak bergosok tu yea :D

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Diucapkan Salam Aidiladha buat semua kawan2.. This year, we all went back to kampung my husband..We all bertolak on Friday evening after my husband came back from work.. Both my kids mmg seronok habis as all their cousins will be there also.. sampai2 aja, Dania terus terpa TokBah.. She really close to Tokbah and Pakcu (my biras).. while Danish tak sempat salam terus want to play ngan cousins dia, mama dia apa lg panggillah dia soh salam gak.. However, this is a short vacation..we all went back on the hari raya, we plan nk gerak at 'bout 11 but as my dear sister said that she wants to come from Klang to here..So, we all just have to wait..saja diorang dtg beraya n jumpa her beloved sister ni..she arrived at 2.30pm...

Lupa plak, kami masak nasi hujan panas yg in the end I call nasi rainbow as it is too colorful.. so, dptlah my sister n her friend get to taste nasi hujan panas a.k.a rainbow..Kami balik Kuantan at about 4pm.. It raining all the way back..

This thursday my husband outstation to Kuching again..but will be back Friday nite.. Then on Saturday need to drive me back to Pontian.. Stay for one nite, then head back to Kuantan on Sunday alone.. My kids and I will be left behind as I need to pick up my parents at Senai Airport on 16/12..My husband cannot cuti lama2 so he decide only to take leave when he pick us up later..

Hehhee, so I have a couple of days before it's pack time again...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Project For Me

Actually, nobody assign me to do this project.. Just like to try it.. Moreover it's for my own good also.. A few weeks ago, while surfing the blog I found something interesting.. It's been a long time that I'm thinking of doing it.. but now I've found some tutorial and even can do some shopping online (no need for me to go to Kamdar with my 2 'handbag')..

I'm starting my 'tudung' project..more correctly, tudung Ariani or Munawwarah..but in my versionlahh..B4, I have to buy from Kak Maryam all my tudung pashmina(with the awning)..but now, I'm going to learn to do it myself.. Hehhee, actually I've finished 2.. one for me and the other for my Dania.. it still not perfect, wait till I perfect it.. Only then I will post it here, k.. my husband will comment 'bout it, if he say ok then I'll show u..

My weapon to sew my tudung..hehee, dok terperap dlm box 'bout 3yrs..luckily it still can be use..


Another project that been working on is my manik project..just bought some material for it..want to sew all my new kurung with manik.. only simple design as I'm still learning (get the design from the pro, example Msdnoraini , Nor Zalmilah and Rai Ranie)

The new material I bought for my manik project

ps: get a very strong support from my husband, therefor I really2 looking forward the end result for these projects and hopefully it will last forever..if u know what I mean..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Creativity Corner

Ntah ngapa, this week I feel really2 in the mood of making, here's another one layout from me.. This time I'm using Pretty In Pink Kit by Malinda Hulshoff and wordart from Jennys Scrap Place.

Continue..D' Picca

Ni gambar2 kami masa dalam bas.. Along n Dania mmg tak gheti nk dok diam..always on the move..

Ini pulak gambar2 diorang masa tgh tungguh kawan hubby dtg..mmg x tau penat diorang ni..


Akhirnya, presenting my hubby new car.. His dream car okey..since bujang sampai dah anak dua org baru ada chance nk pakai kereta ni.. As this is only our second car, so I don't mind if it is only 2 doors..

So, selepas berulang alik turun naik KL dalam sebulan ni kereta ini akhirnya dengan sah menjadi milik hubbyku.. Fateen just tumpang happy jer.. ohya, minggu ni insyaallah kami akan turun KL lagi sbb ada abah nk bawak kereta g workshop lagi.. mama tetap nk ikut, tak kesahlah penat pun...


Monday, November 24, 2008

Sooo Tired laaaa...

I'm really2 tired.. I'm always on the move for the past couple of days.. soooo tired sampaikan sakit2 badanku ini.. hheehee, well jgn salah paham ye korang sumer :D Actually, on saturday we all satu family went to KL.. pergi KL by bus express.. ini kira 2nd time Along naik bus b'coz masa Along kecik dulu pernah gak naik bas.. tp it balik Johor and during nite time.. but for Dania, it will her first time.. Kami bertolak kol 9.30 pagi coz nk sampai KL by tghari.. nk bertolak awal sgt takut x sempat nk kuar rumah especially ngan my 2 kids nie...

Kami turun kat tol Gombak, masa tu about 1pm.. so, kira ngamlah ngan planning kami.. wait for my hubby's friend come and pick us up.. dlm masa tunggu tu sempatlah snap picture.. lama gak tunggu, adalah about one hour dok tercegat kat area tol tu... penat toksah nak katalah ngan nk jaga Along n Dania lagi as kereta yg lalu semua laju2.. risaulah kot2 diorang nie terlajak berlari ke jalanraya kannn..

Then, after his friend arrived.. dia bawaklah kami ke tempat yg sepatutnya...alah, kat area selayang jerr..bukan jauh sgt ponn.. kami p ambil barang abah lps tu g workshop plak... huaaa, ingat dlm sejam dua je..tapi sampai ke maghrib baru selesai, kesiannya kami menunggu.. itupun dh puas Fateen dok heret Dania g jalan2 mana yg patut.. g Guardianlah (hehee...dlm pada xde duit sempat lagi rembat barang makeup), cyber cafe pun sempat pergi... Along ngan abah sempat p gunting rambut.. plan nk pergi subang kena cancel coz nnt lewat sgt nk balik Kuantan ( pergi KL ni balik hari je, itupun sebab ada hal nk settle).. Esok(sunday) ada wedding invitation kat Maran.. kami sampai Kuantan dlm kol 10.30 mlm.. oklah tu, taklah lewat sgt..

Kalau ikut penatku ini, mmg rasa malas je nk bangun pagi2.. lebih2 lg hari minggu.. tp sbb hubby cakap nk bertolak ke Maran dlm kol 10, paksakan diri gak bangun and siapkan apa2 yg patut.. baju nk pakai kenduri pun x iron lg.. tp yg best, hubby dh siap goreng bihun utk sarapan pagi.. love you soo much... dlm kol 10.30 gak kami kuar rumah, pergi Maran lalu jalan lama.. On the way ke Maran, tiba2 hubby kata nk g Temerloh terus nak carik ikan patin.. oklah, setuju ajer sebab ikan patin masak tempoyak best woo.. sanggup tu semata2 nak beli patin sangkar.. ingat nk p umah Aimi, tp bila call dia kata ada kat Jengka lah plak..hmmm, takde rezeki nk jumpa lg.. next time ye Aimi..

Rumah kenduri yg kami pergi ni rumah kawan baik hubby (tp dh arwah)..sbb rapat ngan family arwah ni, kami selalu dijemput kalau ada majlis.. Fateen xsempat berkenalan ngan arwah sbb dia meninggal sebelum kami kahwin..masa kami tiba jemputan pun dh ramai yg sampai... Along ngan Dania tak berapa nak makan sebab sibuk nk main so just kami berdua jer yg makan.. Lepas makan kami masuk rumah n jumpa pengantin, ambil gambar skit lps tu rehat2 kejap.. kami tak kenal pun pengantinnya sebab dia anak angkat keluarga n mualaf (saudara baru)...cantikk... theme utk majlis ni white n purple..

Lepas hubby solat zohor, kami pun balik. hhehee, g Temerlohlah cari ikan patin.. dh dapat,Fateen ingat balik rumah terus..huaaa, x balik gak sbb hubby kata awal lg..ronda bandar Kuantan plak.. g beli donut Big Apple, lps tu bagi Along n Dania main kat padang masjid besar Kuantan sementara tunggu waktu maghrib..lepas hubby siap solat maghrib, kami p dinner kat Sara Thai..yahooooo, balik umahhh....

Huarghhhh...x balik lg, dok pusing2 dlm kereta je.. Dania dh berlayar kepenatan..akhirnya dlm kol 9.30 malam hubby pun kata "Jom Balik"... isk..isk..nikmatnya dengar ayat tu... semalam x terasa sgt penatnya, hari ni..mak oiii...sakit2 badan nie dok dlm kereta berjam2... sebenarnya hubbyku itew merasa segan utk pulang awal2 bersama ngan bini nombor 2 yg baru.... hahahhaaaa... kelakornyaaa... korang agaklah sendiri yea...
**Gambar sok lusalah Fateen nk g masak ikan patin dulu...hubby nk balik bukak posa kang takde benda nk makan..hahhaha...

Friday, November 21, 2008


Kena tag lagi.. hehehe, minggu nie banyak tul homework mama... yg kelako tu siap kena sound ngan Azie lagi, remind soh buat gak tag nie.. xleh cekelat...hahahhaa..bukan cekelatlah cuma lambat sikit jer... plak tu tang nk buat muka tension tu yg tak gheti... ha zie, itu jerlah yg kumampu..tataplah puas2 yek...

OKlah..Fateen takmo tag sesapa pun sbb siksa ooo nak buat tag ni.. tp sapa yg nak buat, silakan :D sambil tu leh gak tgk muka2 tensen korang...

Creativity Corner

It's been a long time since I'm pouring my ideas in making layout.. So, here's 2 from me today..

1. Template 004 by Aisyah Roslan
2. N4D_SpecialBirthdayWishes kit
3. Alphabet from Retrodiva (Tweet Tweet Kit)
4. Curledge Designs by Krista

1. July 15-31 Template Challenge at Digital Freebies by Jennifer Schmitt
2. Blue solid paper by Jennifer Howland at Joyful Heart Designs
3. Circle(Playing Hooky Sample) by Jan Hosford at Jan Hosford Designs™
4. Timeline tape from Scrapgirls
5. Blue dot ribbon and beads by Ellie Lash
6. Pondlife Baby Alphabet by Joanna Cinnamon at My Diggital Addiction
7. Sunshine Day circle stitches by Bonnie at Silver Rocket Scraps
8. Tornpaper and ribbons by Dale Ann Cubbage at DC Designs

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bagaimana Rupa Anda Semasa Mengandung..

Setelah sekian lama tak dapat homework, this time dapatlah drp Sue .. xcited sgt nie, tajuk yg interesting.. So, this time adalah something yg dapat mama story dlm blog nie.. mama dh 2 kali pregnant, the experience mmg different.. hehehee, so it will be a very long tag, Sue ... hopefully, korang x boringlah nk baca yer..ahakkss..

1. Berat sebelum mengandung
Along - 62kg.. hheehe..masa tunang sampai pregnant, graf berat badan menaik jer..mmg takde yg turun, tp itu kira lastlah sbb masa nak kawen tu ada timbang berat..konon2 mcm badan tu boleh turun padahal sok lusa nak naik pelamin dah.. mama tak tunggu lama nk dpt along, murah rezeki :D
Dania - masa ni berat mama xtra sket drp 1st pregnancy... 64kg.. xtra 2 kg tu mmg susah sangat nk buang, kejap turun sekilo pas tu naik semula..

2.Berat terakhir mengandung sebelum bersalin
Along - berat mama just mencapai 72kg doc kata ok sbb scan size bb ok..
Dania - masa ni dapatlah mencapai 76kg..
tapi kalau ikut pada berat yg awal pregnant tu, dua2 lebih kurang jer.. tapi kalau tengok pada rupa mama masa tu, macam kena pam2 jer..hahhaa, tu yg rasa mcm buruk jer rupa...
3.Berat selepas abis pantang
tang nie yg best.. lepas habis pantang Along suka sangat mama sbb dpt turun sampai 60kg.. masa nie ingat nk turunkan lagi sampai 55/, hampehhh tinggal harapan jer..hahha.. masa lepas habis pantang Dania, mama just dpt turun sampai 64kg jer...agaknya masa ni dh banyak sgt lemak tepu..hahahaa..
4.Apa yang korang suke makan mase mengandung
Bab makan mmg bestlah masa nie sbb apa yg mama nak makan mmg insyaallah abah tunaikan..
Along - mama suka sangat makan western ngan sushi masa pregnantkan along.. kalau western tu kt kuantan bleh lg cari, tp kalau sushi cari time turun KL.. siap tapau xtra bawak balik kuantan lagi..seafood pun mmg suka sangat, boleh dikatakan dlm sebulan tu 2-3 kali gak g makan seafood kat Tanjung Lumpur..mama nie ada alahan ngan seafood tp masa pregnant Along, mmg hilang mama nyer alahan.. itu yg syok jer makan..
Dania - pregnancy yg kedua nie mmg contra sungguh dgn yg 1st tu.. mama lebih prefer sayur ngan buah.. rajin sangat buat fresh juice.. dlm fridge mmg sentiasa ada stock buah (kebetulan masa ni abah dh start mengamalkan gaya hidup yg sihat)...sebenarnya masa ni mama mmg kena allergic yg teruk.. makan ayam pun kalah, tu yg dok jadik vegetarian, hahaa.. xkesahlah..yg penting bb maintain sehat..
5.Hospital mana anda bersalin
Mama bersalinkan Along ngan Dania di hospital yg sama... Kuantan Medical Centre atau KMC... Mama bersalinkan Along n Dania awal..masa diorang ni umur 36 minggu dlm perut..Masa Along, mama kena darah tinggi yg tiba2.. doc xmo amik risiko untuk tunggu, bila bb cukup jer 36 minggu terus dia soh induce..sakitnya masa tu takde bandingannya..masuk labor room kol 7pg, selamat bersalin kol 2.45ptg.. Dania plak kedudukan dia dlm perut songsang cam / ni.. doc check bb dh ngam2 dlm perut (perut mama xbesar sgt pun)..mama ngan abah pun tak berani nk g jumpa bidan ke apa.. doc suggest operation, setuju jer lah.. so, 2 kali pregnancy, 2 pengalaman ygy berbeza...pantang pun pantang bersalin normal paling best sbb leh kurus banyak..hahhaa..
6.tunjukkan gambar anda masa least 5 keping
Bab gambar nie, rata2 macam serupa jer mama ngan mama2 yg lain.. bila kena tag barulah mama dok terkial2 carik gambar masa pregnant..yg mama jumpa cuma gambar masa pregnant yg first..laaaaa, punyalah haru..itupun takat beberapa keping jer...siap tanya kat kat abah lagi, mama takde ambil gambar ke masa 2nd pregnancy? abah kata mmg takde pastu siap buat lawak lagi tanya nk ambil gambar lagi ke? lerr camna nak ambil gambar lagi, bukannya tengah pregnant..tau jawapannya, dia kata ambillah bantal boh dlm baju...huaaa, terkena sebijik...hhehe, nk buat camna kan.. bila mama pregnant mmg mama x suka ambil gambar..rasa xcomel tau.. tengok jerlah gambar kat bawak tu.. kata org pembawak budak..tu yg mama suka sgt bila tgk org pregnant, comel2 belaka..

sorilah, masa pregnant kali kedua mmg langsung xde gambar..nie yg kena ambil gambar kalau ada rezeki pregnant kali ke3...ahakksss...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Weekend Activity

Last sunday, we just stay at home..mama pun dh plan nk masak apa for that day.. So, since Along and Dania dah lama tak mandi dlm pool diorang..mama pun decide to let them have the fun.. Hehhee, xcelly abah tgh basuh kereta.. mama just take the opportunity lahh.. bukan apa, bolehlah mama dok buat keje kat dlm umah sementara abah sambil2 tgk diorang ni..
Sambil2 tu mama jenguk gak diorang ni.. snap sana, snap sini.. cukuplah buat koleksi gambar Along n Dania.. seronok sungguh diorang ni.. Along ada minta bawak p mandi sungai lagi, tp skang ni cuaca kurang memberansangkan.. tu yg kami berat sket nak bawak.. mandi dlm pool ni pun jadiklah yea Along.. Nanti cuaca dah stabil kita pi ok :D tgklah siap ngan baju swimming lagi..

Lepas diorang siap main pool, diorang nak main bubbles plak..mama bagikan ajelah.. abah pun masih belum selesai lagi.. iyalah, sampai 2 bijik kereta nak dibasuh..takes time jugak tu... masa bagi main bubbles tu, diorang dok berebut nak yg pistol sbb xyah tiup cuma picit jer.. but of course Along yg kena beralah, sekali sekala Nia bagi gak kat Along... gitulah diorang ni, bila baik semua benda boleh share.. bila time gaduh, eee mama yg tensin sbb riuhnya ya amat..boleh pekak kejap telinga ni..hahhahaa...

Okaylah, untuk pengetahuan korang...inilah menu kami utk hari itu.. nasi putih, paprik ayam, sambal tempoyak berulamkan sayur bendi rebus n lada hijau..sambal ngan ulam tu untuk abah (abah yg dok tumbuk sendiri sambal tu).. rasa tak lengkap abah punya menu kalau takde sambal...tapi yg best nyer abah ni kalau mama takde buat sambal, just cili+belacan+cuka pun jadi... hehhee, bila abah dok picit lada tu mama pun apalagi..tumpang gak lah :P sedapp wooo...cubalah kalau tak caya...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Basiroh Islamic Pre-School Konvokesyen

Last Sunday, sekolah Along telah mengadakan hari konvokesyen..hehhee, little child pun ada konvokesyen.. Well, Along is not graduate yet..Those yg graduate and will receive certificate are only kids yg 6 yrs old.. While the other children will only get presents.. There are also some performance by the children..Along also get the chance to sing on stage..hheehee, well that was his dream when he was at Dania's age (try to sing during his father punya company annual dinner..hahahaa).. Anyway, those kids certainly enjoy the moments..
Actually, Along was having a fever from saturday..and still having it but if you can see he also have a very good time with his friends.. doing all the jumping while singing (mimming) 10 Little Indians song.. Hhehee, even after we went back home.. and what a relief, there's no fever at all..
So, here are some of the picture during the event... Those picture were taken by abah..

Satu jer yg kami terkilan masa tu..makanan yg disediakan x cukup sbb kami ada beberapa family termasuk kami yg xdpt makan..yg tinggal hanya nasi shj.. luckily Along n Dania suka dgn nasi minyak (no lauk ok) shj.. kenyanglah diorang..lagi satu majlis tu bleh dikategorikan berterabur n kelam kabut lah... anyway, nexr year Along akan tukar school yg lebih dekat n half day jer.. biar dia rasa relax skit..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

4..More Fun and Activities..

B4 we continue with all the activities in KL and so on.. Ni ada selingan skit..heheh.. actually, on sunday after umi, tokbah and all my ipar duai balik..ada lg activiti Along n Dania..During lunch hour, we have Open House invitation from my xclassmate.. after that, at 4.30 pm we have a birthday party invitation.. It's Nadya's 2nd Birthday Bash (the only anak dara Aunty Olie and Pokdeng)..the party take place at McD Teluk Cempedak..So many guest including their friends from KL came..very happening and fun too..

Nadya's Birthday Bash

So, now let's continue with the activities after we went to Aquaria KLCC...


Dah puas berjalan kat Aquaria KLCC, kami terus balik sbb dpt jemputan makan di rumah cousin mama, Kak Leha.. So, as KLCC and Shah Alam is such a long way, we decided to end our activity here..tak sempatlah nk ronda2 KLCC.. xpelah as our objective is just Aquaria.. Kebetulan plak my cousin found out that we are going to Shah Alam, dan2 dia booking us for dinner.. dulu masa mama bujang n keje kat KL, mama pernah dok umah dia yg kat PJ..

Dlm kol 9mlm kami tiba.. Ni kira rumah baru dia sbb dulu dia duduk kat Puchong, selidik punya selidik rupa2nya b4 raya hari tu dia move in.. Masa mula2 sampai tu, we thought we got a wrong house... It’s so hugeee.. Sampai2 disana kami dijamu dgn Spaghetti, pudding strawberry and macaroni bakar... mmg confirm kenyangnya.. but as usual, Along n Dania bukan nk mkn pun..diorang dok sibuk main, disuap pun xmo..xlama lps kami sampai, anak saudara my cousin balik drp jenjalan kat Sunway..They bought back some Jco Donuts.. Waaa, my children mmg addicted to donut lahh.. Along dah minta yg Choc.. Dania pulak boleh kamcing ngan hubby my cousin tu, siap disuap2 lagi tu LOL plak tu anak my cousin yg last lebih kurang jer umurnya ngan Dania.. so, makan borak, makan lagi borak lagi LOL dr dok dlm sambung kat luar plak.. kol 11 lebih gak baru g umah my sister..ingatkan diorang dh tido, ghupanya sempat lg kuar g Tesco..pelik gak, Tesco bukak lagi ke..hehhee , kol 12 baru tutup.. diorg beli persediaan nk masak utk mlm esoknya (nk tau sambung baca sampai habis)...

Along n Dania have so much fun playing with their 3rd cousin..


As last nite tido lewat, kami pun bangun lewatlah gak...Hari ni just plan nk ronda2 PJ n lepas tu g IKEA yea.. Saja nk jalan2 kat situ, sbb nk cari cermin dinding.. sambil2 tu mama nk tengok if there’s any glass cabinet.. mmg ada pun, sepasang plak ngan cermin yg kitong berkenan.. So, move to the next section.. ni kira confirm nk ambillah nie.. Cermin dh ambil, then bila pi kt tempat cabinet tu.. ukurlah dulu, sekali tak muatlah pulak nk masukkan dlm bonet...waaa, frustnyer mama.. sib baik lepas tu abah pujuk .. ‘nnt balik kuantan kita tempah yea’, terubatlah jugak.. lepas nie kalau nk g IKEA kena pinjam van Embah LOL mama masih terbayang2 lg that glass cabinet tau..

Along ngan Dania dpt stool (blue for Along, pink for Dania).. Kalau you all semua nk tau, diorang ni dok perasan stool ngan table yg ada kat depan entrance indoor playground kat IKEA tu.. diorang hanya nak berganjak dr situ after we promise them to buy them something like that (without the knowledge that IKEA have that stool).. sib baik not too expensive, dptlah diorang sorang satu.. table tu kami x beli as kat rumah ada satu meja yg mama tak guna n can give it to them.. itupun meja from IKEA jugak... I think, if they have IKEA in Kuantan, mama n abah leh jadik customer tetap LOL

See how they were attached to the stool..

Habis dh rembat apa yg patut kat situ, kami pun balik rumah as my husband dh promise ngan my sister to help her cook ayam masak merah... jadik chef bidan terjun plak hubbyku ini J nevermind that, abah masak mmg tiptop.. yummy... kelam kabut gak nak masak lps tu nak kemas rumah lg.. tetamu dtg lps maghrib.. so, abah dh jadik org dapur, mama pun startlah kemas n rearrange apa yg patutkan...hehhee, tuan rumah dh sibuk kat dapur.. mama pun dgn bangganya menjadi Eric jap LOL So, semua settle ngam2 time org nk dtg... kira berjaya jugaklah malam tu.. yg kekurangan tu abaikan saja, almaklumlah rumah bujang kann...

During CikNgah's Open House...Along as the entertainer of the nite..hahhaa...


Hari ni kami plan nak bawak Along n Dania g Megakidz kat gara2 dok teringat ada sekali tu geng2 FP buat gathering kat situlah..tgk cam best utk the kids.. Pagi2 kami bangun dan bersiap untuk keluar, kitorang breakfast kat kedai mamak jer kali ni (tak ingat nama kedai).. dulu masa mama bertunang n PJJ ngan abah kitorang selalu gak breakfast kat situ bila abah dtg jumpa mama..kali ni sbb lambat sgt roti canai sampai, Along pau abahnye tosei LOL Dania pun ikut makan sama..takpelah janji korang kenyang sudah...lps tu g 7-11 jap cari abah punya majalah..teman abah ronda2 tengok kereta, then baru kami bergerak ke Midvalley..

The kids mmg x sabar dh as mama dia dok kabo nk bring them to playground.. sampai jer kat sana, mama lepas jer Along sbb tempat tu tertutup..xyah nk risau sgt dh..lama gak kami dok dlm tu, kira sampai diorang puaslah... as last time abah promise mama nak sponsor shoes, so kami go to jusco to find one for me.. and lucky me, jusco is on sale.. so, dptlah mama sepasang shoes dr abah.. Thanxx a lot hubby... really like the shoes and it’s comfortable too..masa kat Megakidz x banyak gambar sbb malas nak angkut camera yg besar tu, mama just ambil guna camera phone jer.. tu yg kabur..

The kids in Megakids Midvalley...
ps:just ignore the blurs..I'm only use my phone to take picca..

Kalau ikutkan kami plan nk stay one more nite kt shah alam tp dok pk2 xde activity nk buat dh, kami pun decide nk balik Johor je mlm sis pun mmg plan nk balik malam tu jugak.. Hari sabtu dh kena hantar both my parents ke Senai Airport.. Diorang akan berlepas ke Mekah utk mengerjakan haji.. kira ikut group yg pertama ke sana..


Hari ni Along n Dania pergi hantar Embah ngan EmbahCik kat Senai Airport.. Diorang akan pergi ke Mekah untuk menunaikan rukun islam yg ke-5.. Alhamdulillah, akhirnya tercapai hajat mereka untuk mengerjakan Haji.. Diorang perlu lapor diri pada pukul 3 petang.. kami sekeluarga bertolak dari rumah around 10am.. So, sampai ngam2 during lunch time..masa tu org dh start nk ramai.. my relatives also came.. Kami dh prepare siap2 mknan utk lunch.. dh mcm berpiknik plak kat luar airport tu LOL Along n Dania sampai2 jer terus pau abah belikan balloon LOL layankan ajelah bang... So, jumpalah diorang ngan makcik sepupu yg still a bb n second cousin diorang (anak2 my cousin).. Just ambil gambar candid jer sbb masing2 malas nk berposing beria..

Some of the shots taken during the picnic outside the airport..

Sekarang ni both my parents dh selamat sampai di Mekah.. they’re doing just fine, ada gak diorang call mama.. On Sunday, lepas siap kemas rumah apa yg patut sbb nk tinggal rumah tu kann, kami pun start our journey home..Monday, abah dah start kerja tempat baru, Along pun kenalah g school (dh seminggu tuang kelas kann).. mama plak, heheheee routine biasa balik dr bercuti or balik kampong... MENDOBI... So, itulah kesudahan percutian kami kali ni.. lepas nie just cerita2 biasa jerlah ...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So, on Tuesday after we settle everything we just headed to our next destination, KL (I've pack everything the nite b4).. During in KL we stay at my sister's house in Shah Alam.. We went to Aquaria by the time we arrive in KL as there's still time b4 it close.. The kids love it so much.. They're so excited to see so many fish.. they also get to see aligator, spider, turtle, snakes and many other animals.. maybe we can come again next time.. abah also have fun taking picture of us and all the animals in there..

At the entrance of Aquaria - Along n Dania was so anxious to go in.

They're so fascinated with the touch screen monitor especially Along as he start to know things.

Image of the projector near the entrance.

One special pose from Along

Dania try to touch the fish

Along with an aligator (don't know the exact name but this is a small aligator)

One of the snakes there

Us.. There's a snake behind us.

One of the spider there

There's a little monkey no bigger than your palm

Me and Along....Peace!!

At last picture of abah and the kids

Mama and the kids...again :D

Along get shark head at Aquaria..eating icecream afterwards..

p/s : Actually there're so many photoshoot taken by abah, but I think these photo are more than enough to tell the story :D


Monday is Deepavali (holiday), but we didn't plan to go to KL yet as we still need to settle something first on Tuesday.. Abah wants to make pasport for us.. So, it will be easy for us in future..As we feel boring staying at home doing nothing, abah ask if we want to go 'mandi sungai'... Mama said why not as it's been a long time since we last have that kind of fun.. for the kids, they just follow where their parents take them..hahhahaaa.. you can see how happy they are :D

p/s : lagi best kalau dapat camping kat tepi sungai camni...