Friday, November 21, 2008

Creativity Corner

It's been a long time since I'm pouring my ideas in making layout.. So, here's 2 from me today..

1. Template 004 by Aisyah Roslan
2. N4D_SpecialBirthdayWishes kit
3. Alphabet from Retrodiva (Tweet Tweet Kit)
4. Curledge Designs by Krista

1. July 15-31 Template Challenge at Digital Freebies by Jennifer Schmitt
2. Blue solid paper by Jennifer Howland at Joyful Heart Designs
3. Circle(Playing Hooky Sample) by Jan Hosford at Jan Hosford Designs™
4. Timeline tape from Scrapgirls
5. Blue dot ribbon and beads by Ellie Lash
6. Pondlife Baby Alphabet by Joanna Cinnamon at My Diggital Addiction
7. Sunshine Day circle stitches by Bonnie at Silver Rocket Scraps
8. Tornpaper and ribbons by Dale Ann Cubbage at DC Designs


Azie said...

aha jangan larikssss ya..wat keje cikgu bag...amboi besa tueeee.baaa bab baru tau...

eyzzah said...

Fateen, Aisyah Roslan tu adik kite tau. Hehehehe.