Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So, on Tuesday after we settle everything we just headed to our next destination, KL (I've pack everything the nite b4).. During in KL we stay at my sister's house in Shah Alam.. We went to Aquaria by the time we arrive in KL as there's still time b4 it close.. The kids love it so much.. They're so excited to see so many fish.. they also get to see aligator, spider, turtle, snakes and many other animals.. maybe we can come again next time.. abah also have fun taking picture of us and all the animals in there..

At the entrance of Aquaria - Along n Dania was so anxious to go in.

They're so fascinated with the touch screen monitor especially Along as he start to know things.

Image of the projector near the entrance.

One special pose from Along

Dania try to touch the fish

Along with an aligator (don't know the exact name but this is a small aligator)

One of the snakes there

Us.. There's a snake behind us.

One of the spider there

There's a little monkey no bigger than your palm

Me and Along....Peace!!

At last picture of abah and the kids

Mama and the kids...again :D

Along get shark head at Aquaria..eating icecream afterwards..

p/s : Actually there're so many photoshoot taken by abah, but I think these photo are more than enough to tell the story :D


Sue@MamaMaryam said...

fateen.. syoknya.. km x sampai llg kt sana tau... awat x singgah umah????

Azie said...

fateen seronok x..aritue aku dah p nak masuk tiba2 adik aku cakap xbest la apela laki aku terus xjadi masuk takut rugi ..tapi aku tgk mcm best jer

Mommy Lil' N said...

aunty tak pernah sampai lg..tgk gambar2 Danish & Dania jadi teringin la pulak nk gi

Hi! I'm Grace said...

I like the pictures, Fateen. It always makes me happy to see a happy family having good time together... I love going to that kind of recreation center.