Monday, December 15, 2008

:: Safe Journey Abang ::

My dear husband dh start his journey back to Kuantan..Miss u already lahh.. drive carefully abang, if you feel sleepy, stop and relax but b extra careful kay.. all of us pray that u have a safe journey.. thank you so much for all the trouble and sacrifice.. we all love u dearly...
ps: alamak sentimentallah plak...heheheee, jgn muntah udahlerr...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

:: Hometown ::

Finally after a long and tiring journey back home, we arrive in Pontian at 8am today.. we start our journey from Kuantan since yesterday morning.. about 11.30am we went for a wedding in Jerantut, the groom is my husband x-colleage n merangkap our neighbour also..jiran sebelah jer..
Then, we singgah Raub as there's something need to settle regarding our bibik.. while my husband discuss with the maid, Along and Dania take a bath and I dress them up dgn baju tido jer..bukan apa, just my instinct that we will travel all nite.. my husband is not the type that can drive all nite nonstop..he get's sleepy (including me laa), so whenever he feel sleepy we just stop at R&R and get some sleep...
Hehheee, in the end we arrive in Pontian dh pagi... Have our breakfast first before balik umah..Sampai2, husband continue sleeping and the two kids watch tv while I kemaslah apa yg patut...
Tomorrow morning plak, my dear husband needs to go back to Kuantan coz he's working...Kesian dia, nonstop since he came back from his outstation in Kuching..Ni balik Kuantan sendiri as I need to stay back and pick my parents at Senai Airport on Tuesday..
Actually, I dh propose to drive back to my hometown by myself but he just prefer to send us himself...well, fine my me..I suka jer kalau org nk hantar ni...
After zohor prayer, we went to Giant to buy some groceries.. Then we have our late lunch makan nasi ayam near the old terminal bas (the new terminal not open yet)..sedappp as that gerai has been there since I was a dh ada 2 kids, the gerai still there and also the same owner...
For dinner plak, I just prepare some mushroom soup..Along refer the mushroom as sotong(squid) maybe because of the taste but after explaining, he just said 'ooooo'...hehhehe, what a funny reaction from him...

Friday, December 12, 2008

:: TENSION!! ::

Just look at what happen when I just leave the kids to play in the room.. makk oii!!! hiiii geram sungguh, the when I ask along to kemas all the stuff.. dia kata 'along tak pandai'...ishh, boleh diterima kaa tu??? huwaaa!!! geram ooo.. dania pun dh ikut mcm along, lps main takmo kemas.. kena gertak ngan rotan baru nk gerak.. patut kena marah ke tak ni?

Tengok ajerlah rupa bilik tu yg dh macam dilanda ribut tu.. ni confirm mama dia yg kena kemas then, my mouth pun membebel tak renti... since dh ada 2 kids ni, my mouth dh tak reti nk senyap.. dok pot pet pot pet, kadang geram sangat tangan ni naik gak...


Cehh.. syahdu jer tgk tajuk... Bukan apa, actually my dear hubby gi outstation in Kuching again.. He went there yesterday and will be home tonite.. Since he start his new job ni, I have to accept the fact yg dia perlu outstation selalu.. takpelah, nnt bila kilang dh open (now still under construction) he still have to work shift.. dulu masa awal2 kawen dia keje shift then normal hour.. of course I'm happylah at that time.. this time his nature of work also a shift hour but still I have until end of next year b4 he really have to work shift..
Oklah, tomorrow kami semua akan bertolak balik ke Johor.. As my dear hubby xbleh cuti lelama, I and the kids have to stay in johor for a week b4 he can come and take us back.. The reason for me to stay there because, my parents coming back from haj on 16th.. So, I myself will go to the airport and pick them up.. Kalau tak anak sambut diorang, sapa lagi kannn :D...
Tonite hubby akan balik but don't know at what time as he only arrive in KLIA from Kuching dh petang... kalau refer pada last time he went there, lewat mlm gak dia sampai rumah... well, we just wait and hope he will have a safe journey..

Thursday, December 11, 2008


As I promiss U all.. This time I post a pictur of me wearing my new handmade pashmina/shawl..the red color is the first attempt to sew.. my darling hubby said that it was not balance (it's ok as he is the best critics person for me).. the brown color is my second attempt in sewing pashmina.. hubby said it's beautiful (as I was trying it that time)..hehheee, masuk bakul angkat sendirilah plak.. well, dh terlanjur he said that, I wear that pashmina when we went for dinner that nite :D (kemaruk punya pasal..hahahhaaa)

ps : abaikan jealah tudung yg tak bergosok tu yea :D

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Diucapkan Salam Aidiladha buat semua kawan2.. This year, we all went back to kampung my husband..We all bertolak on Friday evening after my husband came back from work.. Both my kids mmg seronok habis as all their cousins will be there also.. sampai2 aja, Dania terus terpa TokBah.. She really close to Tokbah and Pakcu (my biras).. while Danish tak sempat salam terus want to play ngan cousins dia, mama dia apa lg panggillah dia soh salam gak.. However, this is a short vacation..we all went back on the hari raya, we plan nk gerak at 'bout 11 but as my dear sister said that she wants to come from Klang to here..So, we all just have to wait..saja diorang dtg beraya n jumpa her beloved sister ni..she arrived at 2.30pm...

Lupa plak, kami masak nasi hujan panas yg in the end I call nasi rainbow as it is too colorful.. so, dptlah my sister n her friend get to taste nasi hujan panas a.k.a rainbow..Kami balik Kuantan at about 4pm.. It raining all the way back..

This thursday my husband outstation to Kuching again..but will be back Friday nite.. Then on Saturday need to drive me back to Pontian.. Stay for one nite, then head back to Kuantan on Sunday alone.. My kids and I will be left behind as I need to pick up my parents at Senai Airport on 16/12..My husband cannot cuti lama2 so he decide only to take leave when he pick us up later..

Hehhee, so I have a couple of days before it's pack time again...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Project For Me

Actually, nobody assign me to do this project.. Just like to try it.. Moreover it's for my own good also.. A few weeks ago, while surfing the blog I found something interesting.. It's been a long time that I'm thinking of doing it.. but now I've found some tutorial and even can do some shopping online (no need for me to go to Kamdar with my 2 'handbag')..

I'm starting my 'tudung' project..more correctly, tudung Ariani or Munawwarah..but in my versionlahh..B4, I have to buy from Kak Maryam all my tudung pashmina(with the awning)..but now, I'm going to learn to do it myself.. Hehhee, actually I've finished 2.. one for me and the other for my Dania.. it still not perfect, wait till I perfect it.. Only then I will post it here, k.. my husband will comment 'bout it, if he say ok then I'll show u..

My weapon to sew my tudung..hehee, dok terperap dlm box 'bout 3yrs..luckily it still can be use..


Another project that been working on is my manik project..just bought some material for it..want to sew all my new kurung with manik.. only simple design as I'm still learning (get the design from the pro, example Msdnoraini , Nor Zalmilah and Rai Ranie)

The new material I bought for my manik project

ps: get a very strong support from my husband, therefor I really2 looking forward the end result for these projects and hopefully it will last forever..if u know what I mean..