Saturday, January 31, 2009

:: Happy Birthday Along ::

To my son, Happy Birthday Along.. mama doakan along menjadi anak yg soleh serta berjaya dlm hidup.. belajar rajin2 ok agar apa jua yg along cita2kan menjadi kenyataan..

1. Cluster Blue Frame by Lindsay Jane Design
2. Wordart by Gabby
3. Happy New Year elemtents by Sara(Sweet Blossom Design)
4. My Party Elements by Nikki Scott
5. One Fine Day (tornpaper) by Matahati
6. Datewheel by Vicki (A Work In Progress)
7. Alphabet(PUDDLES OF SUNSHINE) by Eva Kipler (EvaK Designs)
8. Background paper(Playing Hooky Sample) by Jan Hosford (Jan Hosford Designs™)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

:: CNY Holiday ::

Going back to my HOMETOWN : JOHOR .. bestnya!! miss both my parents soo much..

Will be driving hubby's car sbb my husband skang in Johor for work.. He's gone for outstation KL - JB for a week..
So, he just wait for me there in kg.. or maybe I'll pick him in JB..

Wish me luck guys as this time just me, my kids and bibik for a long drive..

Monday, January 19, 2009

:: Price ::

As ramai yg bertanya price for my tudung, fateen just nk inform yg price differ according to material I used.. Sometimes I used material dr Kamdar (sbb satu2nya tempat yg convenient buat masa nie).. kadang tu material yg I purchase online (this one normally mahal berdouble2 sbb material dia mmg elok n sedap dipakai).. contoh tudung guna online material adalah gambar yg fateen shoot single..
awning(kain yg ada kain gam) pun berbeza2 harga.. contohnya awning Louis Voutton ngan yg biasa mmg double2lh rege dia.. Just buat kalau ada tempahan n Fateen biasanya ambil deposit 50%(nk rolling modal maa)..

Ni senarai harga utk tudung entry yg lepas.. yg tinggal dlm simpanan just warna hitam awaning silver grey and colorful pink..both fateen jual RM35 sbb tudung ni size L, sampai perut labuhnya.. my hubby said that nk jahit tudung kena sambil berdakwah, so itu yg my tudung semua size besar ( baik sangat daku ini).... tudung saiz kecil perlu ditempah beserta deposit..

Sekarang ni fateen masih tak berapa puas hati bab jahit tepi sbb hantar kedai.. org tu buat main hentam je.. charge yg dikenakan ttp sama.. bersemangat nk kumpul duit nk beli mesin jahit tepi plak..

ps:manikku terbengkalai sat.. rasa rindu plak nk jait manik..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

:: My Project ::

My own DIY tudung.. these are the 2nd batch of my tudung project.. Still have many thing utk diperbaiki and do better.. well, practice makes perfect right.. Most of these tudungs have the owner.. Still x sempat to do ready stock for me to promote here.. But if any of you really2 want to tempah from me, I'll accept.. Price according to the materials used..

Modelku yg cute...

Modelku yg cute mute itew...geram sungguh tengok pp tu... Dania just melaram ngan tudung customer mama.. x mo bukak dh, beria sungguh bertudung tu :D dh tu xmo bukak, nk gak tudung tu.. But well, of course I win.. take off the tudung at last.. I also promise to make tudung for her also bila dh kesempatan nnt...

Some I purchase online and some I just bought them in store...

:. last2 the tukang jahit don't have new tudung for melaram as most of the tudung belongs to the customers (mostly my jiran tetangga)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

:: Bread ::

Oh! How I love bread... Sometimes, I prefer bread than rice. I'll just make sure that we always have bread in the house.. Toast, fry or cicah air panas.. still love it..

Finally, as one way to save cost and lagi sedap dimakan.. learn to do homemade bread myself..

Hmmm....yummy...sardin bun, sausage bun or just sweet bun... up to me what type of bread I wanna eat.. get the recipe here... MamaFami

Friday, January 16, 2009

:: Layout ::

Using My Guy Kit

Using Lily's Garden (Sweet Blossom Designs)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

:: Tag ::

1st Tag from Fatin
Random Facts ‘bout Myself

1. I’m the first child in the family. Have a sister and two brothers.
2. Currently sells tudung that I made myself. Wish that I can be a businesswoman one day.
3. A degree holder from UiTM. Decide to be a fulltime housewife as I prefer to manage my own kids, especially sending them to school. A great satisfaction for myself.
4. Allergic to seafood, eggs, dust and cold feet.
5. Not a very good cook but luckily my husband is not the cerewet type.. sometimes he even cook dishes as we both know that he can cook better than me.
6. Really2 loveeeee ice-cream and chocolate but need to control it in order to maintain (??) my weight..
7. I think I’m addicted to surf the internet. I can surf for many hours without having a real meal. This I need to control also, kalau tak kebulurlah satu family..x berasap dapur kang..hehhee..
8. Like to buy makeup but seldom wear it.. Not because don’t like to wear makeup, most of the time prefer to be simple. Sometimes rasa nk vogue, segalanya xtra vaganza gitu.. kat umah pun bleh jadi...lagipun lg afdhal bersolek lebih kat umah utk hubby kaann..


First Name:
Fateen..everyone call me that and it’s also name in my IC

Name you wish you had:
Zaman sekolah dulu pernah cipta nama yg konon2 glamer, Syamira Azwyna..
But now, I really2 love my name and glad that my parents gimme this name..

What do people normally your name as:

24th September, 1977 (ni kena bagi hadiah ni :D)

Johor (yess!! I’m a Johorian..hehehee)

Time of Birth:
4.30 pm

Single or taken:

Zodiac Sign:


How tall are you:

Wish you were taller:
Nope.. really satisfied with the height now..

Eye Color:

Current hair colour:
Not really black
Short or long hair:
Long.. need to cut but don’t know when..

Ever dye your hair a bizarre color:
Nope and never

Last time you did something dramatic with your hair:
No changes..

Glasses or contacts:
Yup..since standard 6..tau yg diri ni rabun masa pemeriksaan mata b4 UPSR.. kalau tak dok ingat yg everybody else have the same eyesight as me (dulu rabun mata kiri jer but now since wearing glasses, both my eye dh rabun but with different powerlah)

Do you wear makeup:
Sometimes bila rasa nk over2 kn diri...

Paint your nails:
No only inai jer(skang nie berinai cam pengantinlah..hehhehe)

Shy or outgoing:
A bit of both

Sexy or cute: hubby always say I’m cute and I feel cute also..hahhahaa..

Serious or fun:
A bit of both

A turn on:

A turn off:


Flowers or chocolates:

Pepsi or coke:
No to both as I have gastric, elakkan minuman bergas..

Rap or rock:

Relationship or one night stand:

School or work:

Love or Money:

Movie or Musics:

Country or city:

Sunny or Rainy Days:
Sunny..can enjoy the outdoor activities..

Friends or family:
Both...add one more, my neighbours..


Ever lied:

Stole something:
I guess so..


Hurt someone close to you:

Broke someone’s heart: hubby is my 1st love so don’t have the chance to break anybody’s heart...heheee..

Wonder what was wrong with you:

Wish you were prince or princess:
Princess!! So that I can have all the beautiful thing and go all over the world..

Like someone who was taken:

Shaved your head:

Used Chopstick:

Sang in the mirror to yourself:


Lily and Orchid

Chupa Chups

Anything that sooth to my ears

Pink, Blue, Black and White

KKKG..boleh gitu?

Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza

Junk Food:
Only eat during long distance journey

Semua layan..



Ever cried over someone:

Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself:
Same as Fatin.. Rajin Rajin Rajin..

Do you think you’re attractive:
Yes, of course.. ;P

If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose:
Never think about it.

Do you play any sports:
Not yet

8 People I wanna tag:


2nd Tag from Gee
1. Do you think u're hot?
Think n spicy...

2. Upload your fav picture of u

3. Why do u like that picture?
I feel so beautiful(sapa lg nk puji kalau tk diri sendiri kann).. mama!! bakul dh bocor tu..hahahaaa
Actually I like this picture because of the lighting and the situation itself..

4. When was the last time u ate pizza?
Don't remember when because it's been so long..
5. The last song u listen to?
Didn't notice as I seldom lisgten to radio..
6. What are u doing right now beside this?
Sewing DIY tudung and sewing beads(now tergendala coz buat order for my tudung)
7. What name u prefer beside yours?
Dulu zaman sekolah2 ada tp skang dh mmg suka sgt ngan my own name..Just nice for me..
People to tag:
8. Who is no. 1?
Member FP merangkap tokey cc and cakes..
9. No. 3 is having relationship with?
Mother to Nonie and Elin
10. Say something about no. 5
Just learn to do cc.. maybe can order from her in the future coz we live in the same district :D
11. How about no. 4?
All picca that she and he hubby take are superb.. I like it..
12. And no. 2?
My cyber fren yg really2 sempoi n gila2..I likes to read all her entry even the backdated one..
Dia ni pun boleh tahan baran dia... hahhahaa...

Huishhh... finally, I've finish all the homework.. sakan menge'tag', all those names yg I mention please do your part kay.. Enjoy u'rself frenss..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

:: Award ::

Got this Cute Award from Farah... thanx fren..

1. Copy Badge “2008 Cute’s Blogger Award” untuk diletakkan di blog anda.

2. Link atau ceritakan kembali siapa yg memberikan award ini kepada anda.


3. Setiap blogger hendaklah menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum pemenang seterusnya.

paling ANTI lipat kain, basuh kain rajin plak

suka surf INTERNET

skang ni tgh gila JAHIT tudung (manik stop jap)

very SIMPLE n MINIMALIS person

pemurah ngan senyuman tau

tak mudah MARAH (kecuali ngan anak2, ok)

crazy for PINK (menjadi2 since dpt Dania)

SHOES collection yg melebihi sedozen pasang (mmg bahaya lalu dpn kedai kasut)

Suka SHOPPING (kadang tu ingat nk windowshop jer, tp mesti TERbeli something gk)

Suka sangat TRAVELLING (cuma masa limited)

4. Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan menyertakan nama mereka di blog anda











:: G Town ::

Today, after I sent the kids (Along and neighbours kid) to school, me and dania went to town.. the purpose for this trip was for me to shop more material for my tudung project..
Since I start to sew, I have sew 5 tudungs.. 2 already kena rembat by my neighbour, Ida... also got special request from friends..
I just shops at Kamdar as in Kuantan, there is limited places that sells jersey/lycra material...sebenornya campur ngan malas nk meronda kedai lain...
First, have breakfast with my friend, Olie.. Kebetulan plak her husband and her youngest daughter ada sama.. apa lagi, just join the club ler..
Then, withdraw some money at CIMB.. my dear hubby yg give me the modal for me to jahit tudung and say no need to return the money... yessss!!! love u so much dear...
Headed for shops that sells kain gam, but still close for business... sooo late, padahal dh 10.30 am at that time..
Me, just rush to Kamdar because need to pick the kids at school at 11.15am.. rushing tur shopping in Kamdar.. sib baik Dania is behave, help mama by being a sweet angel..
As usual, rambang mata lorr when I see so many beautiful cloth.. Think to buy smart but still lesap gk RM1++..
Settle all payment in cash... no cards darling...hehheee, kang kalau silap berbelanja big boss cancelkan baru tau...
Then, pecut cam nak rak coz by that time it's already 10.57am..rememberlah coz mata ni dok kerling jam kat meter tu jerr... ikut short cut sana sini, reach at school about 11.14am..
Dania sleeps all the way..easier for me to do all the pecut thing....hahahhahaa... jgn amalkan selalu kalau my hubby tgk mesti geleng kepala jer...hahha..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

:: Arissa Qaisara :: mcm dh kes balas dendam dh 3rd post for today...
Actually this entry is to introduce my new niece (my hubby's side).. new cousin for Along n Dania..
I miss her actually, think of getting one myself....hahahhaaa...what do you think.. whenever I ask Dania if she what to have her own bb sister (adik), the answer is always no.... so, how?? during along, he answer yes and even now he still answer yes... huhuhuhuuu...

:: Snap Here and There ::

Picture during previous Aidiladha... notice that we all wear baju Aidilfitri yg lepas.. Hhehe, diorangkan lom tgk lg baju ni..

During kenduri in Jerantut..only the groom ada as the bride is getting ready for majlis potong cake plaks..

Bersemangat tolong embah cat pagar masa di balik Johor... my father ni dlm x sihat, still gagahkan diri cat pagar ni...ari x sempat cat b4 went for haj..

The wedding in Air Molek Melaka.. Only me and my family..hubbby, kids and my brother went to workshop coz ada plak org dok gesel keta my hubby ni... sib baik ngaku..hahahaa..

Look a like formula one model?? hahhaaa... my anak dara start like posing whenever I said 123...
this taken during our stay in Raub... Dania and her cousin, Afiq..

:: 1st Entry 4 2009 ::

Where have I been.. must be some of u are wondering what happens to me.. actually, I've been so buzy since my last entry... buzy and tired as I've been transfered from here to there and everywhere.. my dear hubby at last smlm flat.. He take MC yesterday coz he got fever and cough and flu.. All because he didn't have enough rest as every weekend xcept the previous one (we got a break) he need to drive long distance...
It's all started when he need to send me back to my hometown..well nak senang citer :
1. 6/12 - 8/12 Aidiladha di Raub

2. 11 - 12/12 Outstation to Kuching (arrived home late nite)

3. 13/12 - hantarku balik Johor tapi laluannya
Kuantan - Jerantut - Raub - KL - Johor
kami just berhenti tido/rehat kat R&R highway U-S
purpose of using this route coz last minute dpt call ada prob kt my hubby's kg and dh terlanjur kena balik raub sat kami g jemputan kawin member kat jerantut..

4. 15/12 Balik Kuantan sendiri
Aku tinggal sbb 16hb nk g jemput parents kt Airport Senai plak..
5. 20/12 Jemput aku balik Ktn
Kami jumpa kt Air Keroh sbb nk g jemputan kt Air Molek Melaka..aku g satu family termasuk parents aku yg baru balik haji tu...
Lepas jemputan, kami x balik Ktn terus tp singgah Raub lagi.. tido semalam, soknya baru balik Kuantan..
Kebetulan my SIL yg bongsu selamat bersalin ptg tu... soknya, sblm balik sempatlah kami tgk bb baru..hhehe..

Cuti Krismas di Ktn sajer sbb jumaat hubby keje..

6. 27/12 Balik Raub (Sabtu)
Kali ni kami dpt panggilan pada hari jumaat cakap yg my SIL (kakak kpd yg baru bersalin) kena admit sbb kurang darah n need to masuk MIL pun mmg dh seminggu xsihat, sabtu (day yg kami balik) tu FIL bawak MIL g hospital.. dan dan kena tahan sbb kurang darah gak n kena masuk darah gak.. kira skang ni ada 2 org dok kat wad yg sama..

yg jadik masalah my SIL yg baru bersalin tu anak xperience at all..yg ada just bibik (risau gk nk tinggal dia ngan bibik sbb ari tu baru buat hal..x caya lg) ... kami yg just plan nk tido smlm tpaksa tukar plan..aku ngan anak2 kena tinggal lagi coz xde sapa lagi nk harap..

lagipun my beloved mom yg bagi idea tu so aku proposed kat hubbylah...kira mcm nk jadik menantu mithalilah kannn..iyalah, aku kan the only menantu pompuan dia... Kak Long (my first SIL ; for u'r info aku ni ada 3 org SIL semuanya.. hubbyku d'only son) pun dgn masalah dia sendiri...lagipun dia keje takkan nak soh cuti sampai seminggu....
Kain baju aku ngan anak2 semua aku bawak utk satu malam jer.. so, hehehhee... shoppinglah kami baju anak2 termasuklah baju aku... tak ke untung gak tu namanya....

So, doklah aku kt Raub sampai my MIL kuar.. My 2nd SIL dh kuar ahad..

7. 31/12 Lps opis terus bertolak balik Raub
Amik aku balik Ktn semula sbb MIL dh kuar spital hari selasa... tapi sepanjang aku kt sana mmg akulah dok kejekan bb tu..hehehhe, masa anak2 aku dulu pun aku tak pernah mandikan sepanjang berpantang..haa ni, baru seminggu aku dh kena mandi n siapkan... pengalaman tu...

akulah yg ajar SIL segala yg patut tahu termasuklah beritau lps BF kena lap ngan tuala basah kalau nk elakkan bb kena kurap susu.. sbb kulit bb yg sensitive bila kena susu badan terus bernanah.. alhamdulillah, berkat ajaranku itu kulit bb dh xde nanah baru akibat pun aku sapu minyak johnson satu badan...bersih dh kulit dia, muka yg comel pun makin comel..bau bb yg sebenar pun ada dah.. mmg puas hati rasa bila balik Ktn, bb dh ok..
hari tu bukan apa, MIL x sempat nk ajar apa yg patut sbb xsihat sejak kena tunggu sekali kt spital masa SIL nk bersalin...bayangkan jerlah,or dh berumur dok tunggu kat spital dr malam sampai ke pagi...
Sib baik ada bibik dok tolong apa2 yg patut..cuma memasak n handle bb aku yg kena buatlah..

Anak2 plak mmg suka sgt sbb bila balik kg diorang dpt peluang main kt luar rumah...

8. 1/1 Balik Kuantan
Tapi dlm masa terdekat kena balik Raub semula sbb nk amik bibik utk ditukar...ada masalah yg menyebabkan kami x percaya pada bibik ni lagi..ini berkenaan ngan anak2..tgh tunggu agennya balik dari Indonesia dulu.. masalah bibik ni berkait ngan masalah my first SIL.. apa dia tu, biarlah...

Itulah tanggungjawab the only son ni mmg berat.. bukan nk masuk bakul mmg kenyataan.. sib baiklah MIL aku tu dpt menantu yg mithali ni..x pernah berkira tau...hahahahaaa...aku pun untung gak sbb dpt hubby penyayang....yg penting x berkira bila nk kuar $$$ untukku janji munasabah dan berhemah...hahhahahaa..