Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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1st Tag from Fatin
Random Facts ‘bout Myself

1. I’m the first child in the family. Have a sister and two brothers.
2. Currently sells tudung that I made myself. Wish that I can be a businesswoman one day.
3. A degree holder from UiTM. Decide to be a fulltime housewife as I prefer to manage my own kids, especially sending them to school. A great satisfaction for myself.
4. Allergic to seafood, eggs, dust and cold feet.
5. Not a very good cook but luckily my husband is not the cerewet type.. sometimes he even cook dishes as we both know that he can cook better than me.
6. Really2 loveeeee ice-cream and chocolate but need to control it in order to maintain (??) my weight..
7. I think I’m addicted to surf the internet. I can surf for many hours without having a real meal. This I need to control also, kalau tak kebulurlah satu family..x berasap dapur kang..hehhee..
8. Like to buy makeup but seldom wear it.. Not because don’t like to wear makeup, most of the time prefer to be simple. Sometimes rasa nk vogue, segalanya xtra vaganza gitu.. kat umah pun bleh jadi...lagipun lg afdhal bersolek lebih kat umah utk hubby kaann..


First Name:
Fateen..everyone call me that and it’s also name in my IC

Name you wish you had:
Zaman sekolah dulu pernah cipta nama yg konon2 glamer, Syamira Azwyna..
But now, I really2 love my name and glad that my parents gimme this name..

What do people normally your name as:

24th September, 1977 (ni kena bagi hadiah ni :D)

Johor (yess!! I’m a Johorian..hehehee)

Time of Birth:
4.30 pm

Single or taken:

Zodiac Sign:


How tall are you:

Wish you were taller:
Nope.. really satisfied with the height now..

Eye Color:

Current hair colour:
Not really black
Short or long hair:
Long.. need to cut but don’t know when..

Ever dye your hair a bizarre color:
Nope and never

Last time you did something dramatic with your hair:
No changes..

Glasses or contacts:
Yup..since standard 6..tau yg diri ni rabun masa pemeriksaan mata b4 UPSR.. kalau tak dok ingat yg everybody else have the same eyesight as me (dulu rabun mata kiri jer but now since wearing glasses, both my eye dh rabun but with different powerlah)

Do you wear makeup:
Sometimes bila rasa nk over2 kn diri...

Paint your nails:
No only inai jer(skang nie berinai cam pengantinlah..hehhehe)

Shy or outgoing:
A bit of both

Sexy or cute: hubby always say I’m cute and I feel cute also..hahhahaa..

Serious or fun:
A bit of both

A turn on:

A turn off:


Flowers or chocolates:

Pepsi or coke:
No to both as I have gastric, elakkan minuman bergas..

Rap or rock:

Relationship or one night stand:

School or work:

Love or Money:

Movie or Musics:

Country or city:

Sunny or Rainy Days:
Sunny..can enjoy the outdoor activities..

Friends or family:
Both...add one more, my neighbours..


Ever lied:

Stole something:
I guess so..


Hurt someone close to you:

Broke someone’s heart: hubby is my 1st love so don’t have the chance to break anybody’s heart...heheee..

Wonder what was wrong with you:

Wish you were prince or princess:
Princess!! So that I can have all the beautiful thing and go all over the world..

Like someone who was taken:

Shaved your head:

Used Chopstick:

Sang in the mirror to yourself:


Lily and Orchid

Chupa Chups

Anything that sooth to my ears

Pink, Blue, Black and White

KKKG..boleh gitu?

Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza

Junk Food:
Only eat during long distance journey

Semua layan..



Ever cried over someone:

Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself:
Same as Fatin.. Rajin Rajin Rajin..

Do you think you’re attractive:
Yes, of course.. ;P

If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose:
Never think about it.

Do you play any sports:
Not yet

8 People I wanna tag:


2nd Tag from Gee
1. Do you think u're hot?
Think n spicy...

2. Upload your fav picture of u

3. Why do u like that picture?
I feel so beautiful(sapa lg nk puji kalau tk diri sendiri kann).. mama!! bakul dh bocor tu..hahahaaa
Actually I like this picture because of the lighting and the situation itself..

4. When was the last time u ate pizza?
Don't remember when because it's been so long..
5. The last song u listen to?
Didn't notice as I seldom lisgten to radio..
6. What are u doing right now beside this?
Sewing DIY tudung and sewing beads(now tergendala coz buat order for my tudung)
7. What name u prefer beside yours?
Dulu zaman sekolah2 ada tp skang dh mmg suka sgt ngan my own name..Just nice for me..
People to tag:
8. Who is no. 1?
Member FP merangkap tokey cc and cakes..
9. No. 3 is having relationship with?
Mother to Nonie and Elin
10. Say something about no. 5
Just learn to do cc.. maybe can order from her in the future coz we live in the same district :D
11. How about no. 4?
All picca that she and he hubby take are superb.. I like it..
12. And no. 2?
My cyber fren yg really2 sempoi n gila2..I likes to read all her entry even the backdated one..
Dia ni pun boleh tahan baran dia... hahhahaa...

Huishhh... finally, I've finish all the homework.. sakan menge'tag', all those names yg I mention please do your part kay.. Enjoy u'rself frenss..


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Oh, there you go. Thank you, Fateen. :)

farah amoi said...

2nd tag tu i dah penah buat...
so, i leh leh ngelat.....

liwaniel said...

kena tag ye..nanti2 wanie buat ok

Azie said...

adoi tag lagi.....nnt azie wat

Mrs. Hasanif said...

tidakkkkkkkkk aku ken agak ek.. hehe ok thanks..bila2 free aku buat ek..hehehe skrg tgh bz arrr