Monday, October 20, 2008

Perfect Measure

I'm sure most parents and kids familiar with Bob The Builder..the same goes to us as that is one of Along's favourite cartoon..sometimes we bought him the playset of original BTB but as time pass by, one by one pieces missing..and mama is so tired of 'kutip' the missing piece..
Now he likes to watch Handy Manny, we also buy toy tools for him but just like Along..semua menan terabur sana sini..mama will 'kutip' and dump it in the toy box along with other toys..when he want's to selongkar mama pun teriaklah tak benarkan along do that (at the end the one that will tidy up is only me)..
Ntah mcmana, one day he found abah's measuring tape just like in HM..he's so fond of it but after 3-4 days he just tinggal, these picca was during the time when he take the tape everywhere (xcept school as mama did'nt allow it)..he measure everything that he can think of even his little sister, Dania (when she's sleeping)..the uniform that he's wearing is his morning school uniform (tadika)..

Those picca was taken by my husband as mama busy preparing breakfast that morning..Dania's still sleeping..

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