Saturday, August 9, 2008

Today's LO

Credit goes to...
1.Word art by Dale Ann Cubbage/DC Designs

2.Joedee Kit by Kelly T. La Morge / Greedz Graphics

3.Glitter by Zakirah (MataHati)

4.Doodles by Joanna Cinnamon

That is the picutre of my fren...she just got her wedding picture and ask me to do LO for her..this is just one of the pic that I choose..the photographer is not me but Shasmanizam and co (u can view all his work here )..I like all his work including his team...hehheee, someday I wish to hire him..for what? still don't know yet...
The reason I choose this pic among thousand is because the meaning behind this pic and the words just perfect..and I hope all of you like it too..I include all the credits because I haven't post this LO anywhere...

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