Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Todays Layout

This pic was taken aday b4 dania's b'day...specially requested by mama to pose freely...really love this moment as she willingly to participate with her mama crazy idea..ahakkkss..nak buek camno, dah mamanya suka amik gambo..hehhehheee...tang headband tu, sekejap jer..after the photoshoot, ntah terbang mana dah headband tu..

While these picture was taken by abah during our outing for dinner..they have so much fun playing on top of the jip...most of the picture was blur as they're always, tak banyaklah yg mama satisfied with the outcome..tapi mama suka sangat ngan LO nie coz it's so simple yet soo sweet...masa amik gambar nie abah just use natural light (lamp post)...
**all credits for these layout have been posted in my flikr..cuma mama tak letak lagi link..nanti mama letak yea..

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