Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some test for me..

Pain.. the only word that can describe how I feel right now.. Actually, my right hand is suffering from pain which I still don't know the cause of it.. I've ask around for someone who are a traditional massager but it's really hard to get one nowadays.. I need to wait until Friday, the only day that I have some time before I fetch Along from school.. (ini baru sikit ujian Allah, dh rasa payah yg amat) Sesungguhnya, bersyukur sangat dengan kurniaan Allah ini..


Last Saturday I bring both my kids for injection.. Huuhuu, before when they are still small they didn't cry during the injection.. but now, both are crying and Dania siap jerit2 lagi.. :P as a result the doctor give each of them a teddy bear.. Hmm, dpt hadiahlah pulok.. so, here is the picca of them with their small bear..

ur's truly

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