Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm Backkk..

Lately, most of my frenz dah start blog.. So, I don't want to be left behind.. Moreover, in here I can express my feelings and emotions..right now I'm feeling sooo colldd..hehee, aircond kat opis nie, sejuk gilaaa...sampaikan my colleage switch off one of the aircond..

Yesterday ada intake kat kolej..'bout 120 students came for registeration.. Soo hectic ngan computer prob at the beginning, but everything turn to normal after tukar computer..nothing xtraordinary happen.. so, relax jer dah start key in data for new student..nak kena siap by friday..TOMMORROW mannn!! so, got to work.. nanti sambung ngomel..ahaakkss..hheehee

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